Welcome to Velvetone Electronics vacuum tube amplifier service. If you have problems or concerns with your guitar amp or other related gear I may be able to help. I have been working with electronics since 1980 and in the business of repairing amplifiers, electric guitars, and many other related electronics since 1990. Trained in the aerospace industry to solder and assemble with the highest quality, I make every effort to ensure reliability and ruggedness as well as getting you the sound you're looking for.

I work on most vintage tube amps, hand wired "boutique" amps, and modern amplifiers made by the big name companies. There are certain problems and amplifiers that I do not deal with, this is usually determined by phone or email prior to setting up an appointment. When you contact me to discuss your situation, please be able to provide the make and model, and also a description of the problem in terms of symptoms rather than diagnosis, for example "humming" or "crackling" rather than "it needs new tubes". Intermittant problems can sometimes be very difficult to troubleshoot, the more information you can provide the better, such as which channels, thermal state (how hot or cold it is), whether something is plugged in or not, controls that have an effect on it, etc.

Instrument services include guitar/bass set-ups and repair or replacement of pickups, controls, tuners, and bridges including most factory vibrato systems. I have little experience with floating type vibratos, but plenty with installing Bigsby systems in ways that make them stay in tune. Please understand that I am not a luthier and do not work on frets or finishes, my services are limited to electronics, hardware, and adjustments.

Speakers can many times be repaired without rebuilding - rips/holes, deteriorated surrounds, and cracked glue joints are common. If you bring the cabinet to me I will check everything from the jack(s) to the wiring, crossover (if applicable), cabinet, and driver(s) and deal with everything, sending the speaker out for rebuild if necessary (there is an excellent recone/rebuild service available locally). I can replace grillecloth in a professional manner on most cabinets as well, and also do what I call de-rattling, which is sweeping the speaker through all frequecies and doing whatever necessary to eliminate noises caused by physical vibrations.

Custom work is available too - pedal board wiring and general road readiness, pedal re-housing and mods, pedal builds from scratch or kit builds, amp kit assembly, the list goes on - whatever your need or idea is I may be able to help you realize it.

Various other equipment can be accepted provided it meets certain criteria, you must contact me first with a description of the item and problem. I have fixed everything from microphones to motorcycles to keyboards to kitchen gadgets. For example one specialty repair available is an inexpensive fix for the infamous "baby rattle syndrome" common in Electro-Voice RE-20 microphones.

Pricing and turnaround times:
The shop rate is $80/hour or $400/day (10 hours), if a job takes more than a couple hours it will usually switch over to a prorated day rate. The typical minimum labor charge for an older amp is 3/4 hour, a very clean or somewhat recently serviced (by me) unit can be less, SVT heads will be 1-1.25 hours, and pedals 1/4 hour minimum. After inspection I will contact you with options if the cost will be more than around $150 or whatever price you set with me at drop-off, keep in mind that the guarantee does not apply if you decline certain aspects. My general approach is to treat your gear as I would want and charge what I would feel is fair if I were in your shoes.

I carry vacuum tubes and all common parts, however most transformers, reverb tanks (other than Fender style), and speakers would have to be ordered. My pricing on parts is competetive with online consumer prices with their shipping and upgrade costs included, with the added benefit that you won't have to deal with returns or other defects and disappointments, just bring it back and let me take care of it.

I do all I can to make you happy with the result, and I do not double charge for time spent if something goes wrong. In other words, if there's a problem with the repair I will only charge for the additional time and parts as if I would have gotten it right the first time, unless I had recommended a fix that you declined.

I do not charge rush fees and do not work on gear in the order recieved, when you drop off the item we'll discuss the deadline and I'll do my best to meet that, overnight is an option if needed. If you're not in a rush or have no desired deadline I will impose one myself of two to three weeks. If parts have to be ordered it will add a shipping delay, speaker reconing service typically adds 1-2 weeks.

Contact and appointment information:
The shop telephone number is 206.632.5333, your call will forward to my cell and then to voicemail if no answer to either set of rings. You must leave a voicemail with your name and number if you'd like a call back, at which point I'll typically share my cell number with you for direct communication including text. You can also email me at blowingfuses(at)gmail(dot)com (sorry for not providing the full links, phishing you know).

Pick up and drop off times are by loose appointment (up to a one hour time window is usually fine, I would let you know otherwise), preferrably made two or more hours prior on the same day, and I don't schedule them more than a day in advance. Call anytime but normal visiting hours are from 12PM to 7PM. Please check the calendar below for availability before you call.

_______ Expected available - call for same day appointment
_______ Closed but available at times - call within two days prior for info
_______ Closed - at limited times can prearrange pickup only

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