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  • Repairs and tour/studio prep on all makes of tube/valve amplifiers and preamplifiers, tube hi-fi, and many makes of solid-state musical instrument amplifiers.

  • Electric guitar & bass circuitry repairs, hardware installations (pickups, tuners, bridges, etc), and pickup cavity shielding. Custom tailored set-ups/adjustments, DIY set-up instruction - save money and adjust your guitar exactly how you like it.

  • Speaker repair and replacement (no reconing). Roadworthy (non-restorative) cabinet repairs and grille cloth replacement.

  • Repairs and modifications on many pedal effects. Tape echo cleaning, adjustment, and tape replacement if tape loops are provided.

  • Custom design and fabrication, modifications, and modification reversals.

  • After hours, weekend, and overnight rush services available.

  • High quality parts and service at very competitive prices - satisfaction guaranteed!


  • Shop service rate is $80 per hour plus parts unless otherwise stated before the service begins. For time intensive jobs of over three hours a daily rate of $300 will go into effect. Repair turnaround time is scheduled for your needs, there are no rush fees except in the case rush service is required on a warranty service claim.

  • There will be a minimum of 3/4 hour labor charged upon opening of equipment chassis - includes full check up, maintenance, and minor repairs. Minimum labor to repair effects pedals is 1/4 hour. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs for special order or non-stocked parts required, such as speakers or transformers.

  • Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and wire transfer - $35 charge for returned checks, $10 fee for wire transfers. Shipping and receiving via any carrier accepted - customer is responsible for all shipping carrier costs, plus packaging costs.


  • Parts are guaranteed against defects and materials for the time period as specified by the manufacturer or distributor. We will replace defective parts free of charge if within this time period if there are no signs of negligence or abuse.

  • Workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the equipment, so long as the work has not been tampered with or abused. Damage to other parts caused by the faulty work and the labor to replace them will also be covered. Warranty does not apply if the customer does not agree to purchase the recommended service at the time of diagnosis.

  • Items returned for unsolved problems will be serviced as quickly as possible and will take priority over other items. Additional parts required will be billed as normal, and additional labor charges will accumulate up to the maximum labor charge (see "Rates" above). Time involved in duplicate work (such as assembly and disassembly) will not be billed multiple times when spent working on the same problem, nor will the minimum labor charge.

    We do our very best to repair your equipment right the first time, and to take measures to prevent impending failures. However, due to the nature of some equipment and failures, sometimes certain problems (or their causes) can return or go undetected. This can happen even with the very best of technicians. In the rare instance that your problem is not fully solved the first time around, we will be more than happy to work with you to get it right.

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